Rare Breed Driving Equine

Many of our best loved horses and ponies are on the Rare Breed Survival Trust’s endangered list, amongst those under threat include the Eriskay, Shire and Hackney.

This award aims to highlight the importance of our rare driving horse and pony breeds and at the same time to celebrate their heritage and raise awareness of their plight, while preserving their future through our carriage driving sport.

This award is open to any individual horse or pony on the current Rare Breed Survival Trust Endangered Species list.

Lifetime Achievement Award - Kindly sponsored by Zilco Europe Ltd

The Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to the man or woman, who has made the most significant contribution to the sport of carriage driving during their lifetime. The judges will be looking for the most distinguished service or remarkable achievements displayed over a period of time.

Junior Sports Personality - Kindly sponsored by Baileys

This award will be presented to an individual, professional or amateur, in any sphere of carriage driving who has made the most significant contribution to sport as a result of individual or team achievement. Additional merit will be awarded where their carriage driving activities have been used in a community sense or to place the sport on a national/international platform. The nominee must be 25 or younger on the closing date for entries.

Backstepper/Groom of the Year

An individual who has shown outstanding dedication to their position of groom or backstepper in any capacity whether that be for a singles, pairs, tandem or team driver in any carriage driving sphere. The main criteria is that they are held in the highest esteem and provide a service that is invariably understated but essential to the success of the partnership that make up a carriage driving turnout.

Rescue Horse/Pony of the Year

A rescue harness horse, donkey, or pony, which has made the most progress in its carriage driving journey and has enhanced the life of its owner, or which has been used to enhance the lives of a community it may serve.

RDA Group of the Year

Disabled driving is unique in that it offers the less able bodied to enjoy the sport of carriage driving. We will be looking for the Riding for Disabled Group (Carriage Driving) which has gone above and beyond its remit, and above all one which has offered a fun and informative environment to allow disabled drivers to enjoy their sport to their fullest capacity.

Club Member of the Year

Driving clubs are the backbone of the carriage driving world. They provide a safe and informative environment, teamed with a community spirit which allows carriage drivers to enjoy their chosen carriage driving discipline with others of a like mind, whether that be purely for pleasure or for competition. The Club Member of the Year will be a person who has shown great commitment in offering help and assistance to the club itself or a person who has gone above and beyond to help other club members in achieving their goals.

Commercial Operator of the Year

Running a commercial business in the world of carriage driving takes dedication – we are looking for a commercial operator who has gone that extra mile to offer their clients unsurpassed service, to offer assistance with a smile, teamed with excellent care for their harness horses’ welfare.

Small Pony/Donkey of the Year

Small ponies and donkeys are often overlooked in the world of carriage driving, yet they play equally as important roles in the world of carriage driving as their bigger counterparts. The Small Pony/Donkey of the Year will be one which has shown itself to be not only an excellent driving pony/donkey, but one which has offered its owner or driver the most fun and opportunity to progress or may be one which has been used by others to enjoy the sport of carriage driving or to progress in their driving capabilities.

Steward/Volunteer of the Year

Stewards and volunteers are essential to the running of all Carriage Driving events and shows, and freely give their time so that others can enjoy their hobby or sport. This award is to honour the input that volunteers and stewards make in the carriage driving world. Judges will look for a person who works tirelessly behind the scenes. This may be at club level or higher, at a show, national event or club event. Their role may come with a title such as ring steward, course designer, course builder, event organiser, show organiser, club or show committee member or it may be just be someone who is always on hand to help out in any capacity. This award will go to the person considered to be someone who should be rewarded for all their hard work and who deserves a special thanks given to them.

Best Traditional Turnout of the Year - Kindly sponsored by Team Tristar (UK) Ltd

This award will be presented to the private driving turnout to include light trade which, in the opinion of the judges, one which is an excellent representation of an original vehicle of its age. The judges will be considering the whole turnout in their decision including carriage, whip, groom, harness, harness horse and whip and groom’s attire. The turnout doesn’t necessarily have to be one which was seen in the final line up at a show or competition, and may be a single, or multiple turnout but it will be one which is considered to be of the highest calibrate of its kind worthy of special recognition.

Best Non-Traditional Turnout of the Year

Awarded to a non-traditional turnout, otherwise known as an exercise vehicle, marathon, or modern vehicle. It should be one which follows modern design, and may be used for competition, showing, or at events at any level. As for the traditional turnout, the judges will be considering the whole turnout in their decision – carriage, harness horse, harness, whip and groom and their attire. It may be a single turnout or multiple, but will be one which shows an exemplary level of turnout throughout the year, and one which is driven sympathetically by its whip such that it stands out above others.

Pride of Carriage Driving (not open for general entry) - Kindly sponsored by Carriagehouse Insurance

The Pride of Carriage Driving Award is a special award presented to an organisation or person that Carriage Driving magazine and the judging panel are proud to be a part of the carriage driving community. The organisation or person will have made a significant contribution to carriage driving over a period of time and will continue to be an asset to the community for many years to come. Winners will enter a Carriage Driving 'Hall of Fame' in celebration of excellence in the sport of carriage driving.